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Well, it's been 10 years since I started.


For normal human beings:

From a simple website to magazine to e-shop in many languages. Design from a custom template or we can buy a theme, how the website is going to look is mostly on you though, I just make it work. Every website will be mobile friendly, there will be a WordPress system (even your grandma could change the content) and setting the Google appearance, these functionalities are all always included. Simple website starts at 12 thousand crowns.

For the profis:

Mainly Front-end (CSS/SASS), but can do PHP for WordPress and Javascript implementation. I mostly use and create WP themes, that are pixel-perfect, error free, with focus on complete responsiveness including font-sizes and margins.

Short portfolio selection:

How do I create the websites:

For creating the websites I use WordPress system. It allows me to cheaply do, what I would otherwise have to programme for weeks. WordPress itself is a central management system, that allows my customers to adjust their content without any need of programming knowledge. The design of the website is done a by a theme, which we can either choose and buy or I will program it for you.

For whom do I create the websites:

Simply, anybody, but I do focus on the non-profit sector, for which I created a special studio with couple of friends, which is called Mlok Studio.


Web with WP theme – 12 000 CZK

  • interactive web with modern design
  • ideal for: professional portfolio, companies, restaurants, cultural institutions, hotels
  • max. 6 hours of communication with client
  • possibility of multilingual website

E-shop on WP theme – 18 000 CZK

  • e-shop according to modern standards
  • setting up the e-shop (plugin woocommerce)
  • possibility of multilingual website
  • possibility of many payment methods, different shipping methods etc.

Web on your design – 20 000 CZK

  • creating a wordpress theme due to graphical design
  • pixel perfect design