Wall is over!

One day, I decided to make a street-art group with 3 of my best friends. We managed to meet, and right there got this idea, to overpaint the famous tourist attraction called Lennon Wall, once an important place for the dissidents against the regime, now a display of bad tourist graffiti. The idea got even better after we found a poster from the Lennon’s and Yoko’s campaign “War is Over”, which took us to the “Wall is Over”. For three years, we have been only thinking about it, but one day a 25th anniversary of Velvet revolution (falling of communist regime) was about to come, what a great opportunity we fought. So we did it, what we didn’t expect, is that the next day, the news would be all around the world, writing about our intervention in languages we didn’t even understand. For me, the most interesting question came afterwards, should we or shouldn’t we have sad that it was us. Well, even though our decision was very influenced by police, I still believe it was good idea to claim our authorship, simply because this street-art went way behind the borders of artsy world. And people obviously needed an explanation, we touched something that people consider sacred and very few got the idea that this was done in respect of Czech history and John Lennon, which was most obvious after our explanation in Czech national TV, after which the cyber-bullying got way smaller, seemed like people got some understanding, if not approval.

One of the interviews in english: radio Prague